Fast Changed Payday Loan Consolidation Also Online

When you need to quickly access a loan but you can not get a common personal loan is often referred to the loans changed fast online .

Before understanding how they work, we try to explain why they are so popular and have a great success in the financial world. Surely the word fast comes from the fact that those who need liquidity, in most cases, need money almost immediately.

Therefore, whenever possible, the applicant does everything to get his funding very quickly. But why are loans being changed? These are loans that were going out of fashion with the increase in requests for transfer of the fifth and traditional personal loans.

The economic crisis that currently affects our country, however, has often played “bad jokes” to many Italian families. Those who had opened a traditional loan and found themselves suddenly unemployed or could not sustain all the increases in the basic necessities, found themselves in difficulty in terms of repayment terms and times. When you do not pay an installment of a loan or do not reimburse it by the established date, the banks can request that your client be registered in a public register called Crif, also called the central risk termination. This register records all those who have been bad payers . It is this registration that no longer allows such subjects to obtain a credit again through a credit institution or a bank.

Prestiti Cambializzati Veloci

The bad payer, as well as the protested, almost always sees his request for a personal loan rejected just because the banks before granting a loan check if the applicant is registered with the Crif. The exit routes at this point are two: the transfer of the fifth and the loan changed. The assignment of the fifth, however, can be requested only and only by those who have a paycheck or a pension. Its operation is characterized by the fact that to repay monthly the amount due will not be the customer but his employer or his pension institution. Those who do not have a job, are self-employed or do not have a regular employment contract, so they do not have a paycheck and turn out to be a bad payer or a protégé can only turn to those financial companies that offer loans that have been changed.

Some of them are able to provide the money within 48 hours and for this reason we are talking about fast loans. What characterizes this form of credit is the repayment method. In fact, it takes place through the payment of a bill instead of the traditional installment. And it is precisely the functionality of the bill that also allows protestants and those registered with the Crif and is therefore a bad payer to be able to take advantage of a loan again.

The bill is in fact an enforceable title so if the customer should be insolvent the bank can request the attachment and then the sale of the customer’s assets in order to recover the amount necessary to pay off his debt. Precisely for this reason, in order to take advantage of this form of credit it is necessary to present real guarantees or alternatively to request the loan together with the help of a guarantor. In this case the guarantor is responsible for repaying the debt if the customer is no longer able to do so with his own economic possibilities. Given the delicate position that is going to be covered, the figure of the guarantor is almost always occupied by a very close friend or a relative.

Whenever the customer pays a promissory note, it will be returned to him and the debt will be declared extinguished when he / she regains all the signed securities. If the request for funding is accepted, it is possible to obtain the requested money within 48 hours from the presentation of the documents requested by the bank.